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Let’s take care of our water

Effective water protection actions on World Water Day

Water is used in several ways by many sectors, such as trade, agriculture, tourism, energy and transport. That is why it is important to conserve both our freshwater and saltwater resources, to perform continuous water management, to use water properly and to improve our aquatic environment. On the occasion of World Water Day, Wellis took a look at how it can help protect water effectively.

Replacing water less frequently

Relaxation equipment bought for our own comfort can easily become a black hole for water. Just think of how a pool can use up to 9-10,000 litres of water in a single filling, plus it has a certain replacement time, so your water consumption may be increased tenfold in a single season. Wellis' largest counter-current pool will only take a third of the water amount to be fully filled, and only needs complete water replacement every 3-4 months – thanks to its excellent filter system. These filters also need to be replaced less often than usual, so there is no risk of polluting the environment.

Effective water sanitisation

Once such a large amount of water is used, it's important it is sanitised properly in the most natural way possible. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most obvious is sanitisation using UV light. Wellis uses UV-C sanitisation in the majority of its leisure pools, which, in addition to using negligible amount of electricity, minimises the need for water treatment products – and provides crystal clear, natural quality bathing water for the user.

Continuous improvements for better results

Improvements are essential for continuous improvement of water use by Wellis and WellisSpa pools. The company offers a smart water analyser that continuously monitors water status, temperature, pH, chlorine and bromine content and salinity. In addition, Europe's leading hot tub manufacturer is preparing to launch the world's most energy-efficient hot tub in 2022, which will use only one tenth of the electricity – and water – as current versions.

In autumn 2020, Wellis Hungary Zrt. started expansion works in Ózd: the company increased the area of its production units by 24,000 square metres. The completed complex will also include a 20,000 square metre logistics centre, which will be able to store thousands of hot tubs in addition to the raw materials. The company plans to hand over the first investment in Ózd in March 2022. To meet growing US market demand, this year Wellis plans to double last year's production volume. To this end, Wellis plans to install additional new, modern production lines in Ózd by the end of 2022 as part of a second investment to expand capacity.