Wellis Cityline intro

Wellis Cityline range - when high quality meets fresh & clean design

h e a d r e s t s

Advanced ergonomics, more comfortable design.

s h o u l d e r  m a s s a g e

Takes your daily stress off your shoulder and neck.

l i g h t i n g  f o u n t a i n  j e t s

3 fountain jets triple the fun and design in your spa.

a u d i o  s y s t e m

Improved bluetooth signal range, stylish speakers, with new subwoofer (100 watts).

c h r o m e  j e t s

Enter the future with the new Wellis jet designs.

w - s i d e   c a b i n e t   c o r n e r s

New design, more precise and easier fitting, thanks to the new technology.

n e w  I n . T o u c h 2  a p p

Standard in all CityLine models. Our service engineers have remote access to your spa, so not only the user can control the spa.

UV - C   w a t e r  s a n i t i z e r

Disinfects water efficiently and safely - Standard in all models.

p o l y f o a m  i n s u l a t i o n

All the internal surfaces of the cabinet and floor pan are completely covered. This actually hold inside the heat from the pumps motors back into the plumbing. This “free” heat energy is therefore transferred back into the spa water, significantly reducing running costs.

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