The 10,000 square meter greenfield investment was made necessary due to the constantly growing market share of the European manufacturer, which aims for international excellence.

Wellis constructing a 10,000 square meter, single-floor, high-stack warehouse. The greenfield investment will be realized at the site, which already features 24,000 square meters of developed facilities in the form of a lightweight warehouse. The building has a length of 162.54 meters, with both the roofing and siding constructed of trapezoidal sheet metal. The warehouse will also feature the following units:

  • 300 sqm loading dock with two ramps
  • 1000 sqm delivery area, providing for the complete servicing of buyers and suppliers
  • packaging facility, supporting the repackaging and boxing of products as well as webshop sales
  • office and social spaces.

The warehouse will house 4,000 hot tubs, as opposed to the current 5,000 sqm finished goods storage, which can accommodate 1,200 hot tubs. Additionally, the warehouse will also be perfectly suitable for storing sanitary supplies. The design of the racks will allow for storing spas on three different levels up to a height of seven meters, moving them with special machines and adapters. Spas weigh an average of 350 kg with dimensions of 2x2 meters, therefore it’s important to provide for their mobility. Perfect handling will be ensured at the warehouse through the use of forklifts and order-picking forklift trucks.


Servicing the summer boom requires year-round manufacturing and storage

The growing sanitary market share and gradually increasing spa sales of Wellis necessitated the expansion of the warehouse capacity. The current 10,000-spa production capacity will be supplemented by a range of sanitary supplies numbering in the tens of thousands.

We’d like to provide a stock for the complete servicing of buyers and partners alike, which is why we began physically expanding our capacities at the end of last year.

said Viktor Monok, head of warehousing at Wellis in the firm’s recent statement.


Although in the case of hydro massage tubs and spas, we’re dealing with seasonal products, the manufacturing must be continued throughout the year. In order to provide for the complete, buyer-oriented servicing of the peak season between May and September, all months of the year must be devoted to manufacturing, not to mention providing year-long employment for the company’s 500 employees.

Warehouses are usually a necessary evil for manufacturing firms, since apart from providing for profitable activities, it must also arrange for the appropriate storage of raw materials and finished products. The current stock, as well as the foreseeable growth, led us to opt for the investment. Our plans also include devoting some of the extra warehousing capacity to leased storage in the future.

added Viktor Monok.