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Arched SMC high tray

SMC shower tray
Draining valve + syphon

SMC shower tray
Draining valve + syphon

SMC is a special glass fiber reinforced, smooth texture polyester sheet, which is pressured under high temperature, polymerized into the appropriate form of compressed elements to give it its final form and unmatched features.
This manufacturing process has been well established in other industries (aerospace, mechanical engineering, automotive industry), though the sanitary market has just recently discovered and started to beginning to perceive the benefits of it over against previously used materials and technologies.SMC shower trays’ durability, quality is constant, thanks to the impregnated fiber reinforcement, but weights half as much as cast marble tray with similar characteristics.
The ribs at the back side of the tray are strengthen the structure of the shower, while its weight is only slightly increases.The soft material makes possible high-formatting, so the sharp corner shower SMC provides a much more aesthetic spectacle as acrylic counterparts.
The shower tray made of SMC material is high impact resistant, has a large compressive, flexural and tensile strength, does not crack crack, its temperature stability is odd (non-thermal expansion), chemical resistance, has a good thermal insulation capacity, easy to clean and, of course, waterproof.

In case of flat shower tray recessed preparation necessary for the syphon.
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