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RioGrande W-Flow

The new Rio Grande W-Flow swim spa is the result of a long development process. It is the perfect combination of a well-equipped spa and a swimming pool used as gym equipment suitable for a complete workout. The inner width of the swim area is almost 2 meters, its length is 314 cm.

NEW W-Flow System

In a traditional swim spa, the user has to switch on/off the pumps manually for finding the proper water flow which fits their fitness level. The Rio Grande 2019 swim spa is equipped with brand new swim software. Combining this and the new W-flow system the new Rio Grande 2019 became a professional training appliance. 
The user can choose six-speed levels from the slowest, most comfortable „floating” to the hardest exercise. Similarly to a modern treadmill, you can predefine the swimming speeds one after another, so you can insert slower stages between the swimming sprints. 
The flow rate can be adjusted 0.4-2.5 km / h.

Advantages of W-flow system:

      • it can deliver twice as much water against traditional types 180 m3/h
      • the width of the water flow is now 50-60 cm
      • the difference between water flow directions and the centerline of the spa is 0° therefore swimming is perfectly balanced
      • mechanical elements are separated from the hydro-space, so any mechanical repairs can be done without sluicing the water
      • the Rio Grande swim spa will be available with semi-cabinet - what makes possible to sink the spa halfway only in the ground without any concrete preparation
      • the heat pump connection in the swim spa is fix and equipped with In.Grid system - consequently, the heating cost can be reduced to one-third of the electrical heating.

      • both the massage and the swim half can be separately controlled with the in.touch2 application
      • self-drain function - the swim half can be drained by the circulation pump: 10 m3 in 33 mins.

Why should you choose a swim spa instead of a swimming pool?

Learn more about the newest innovation of Wellis!

Thanks to the several training sessions it is suitable for professional swimmers and beginners too.
You can experience endless swimming with this new fitness machine. It’s like having your own coach to watch over you. The training session can be customized by setting flow intensities, durations, and color indicators. Before choosing a training drill, we recommend adjusting the parameters. Touch the settings icon on the right icon wheel. From there, you can access 6 different parameters.

a swimming workout executed at a constant intensity for the entire set duration.

a swimming workout executed at high and low-intensity intervals of equal step time.

a pyramid program where the intensity will progressively increase until a maximum intensity level is reached. It will then decrease progressively to end at low intensity.

you can create custom workouts.

a series of equal steps at random intensities.

a swimming workout executed at two successive steps at high intensity for one step at low intensity.

Reclining / Sitting places 1 reclining place, 5 sitting places
Net weight (kg) / Water volume (l) 1200 kg/6 890 l
Frame Stainless steel
Side cover HorizontSide™ UV-proof wood textured
Semi-inground side cover Optional
Reinforcement Fiberglass
Insulation Polyfoam (2 cm)
Drains 1+1 pc at the bottom
Power requirement (hydro massage) 1x32A 230V/50Hz
Power requirement (swim spa) 1x48A 230V/50Hz
Control box Gecko (IN.YE-3 + IN.YE-8)
Control panel 2 x SmartTouch
Total number of jets 40 pcs
Laminar fountain jets 3 x 3 pcs
Waterfall 1 pc
Heater 3 kW
Pumps (hydromassage) 2 pcs 3 HP single speed + Circ. pump
Pumps (swim spa) 3 x Gecko 2 speed + Circ. pump
Cartridge filter 2 pcs + 1 pc Superfine paper filters
Water sanitization 2 pcs UV-C
LED lights 18 + 16 pcs LED
Headrests 3 pcs
AQUASOUL™ Pro 4.1 sound system Yes
SmartPhone app - wifi connection in.Touch 2
Thermo cover Yes
Swimming stick Yes
Heat exchanger preparation Yes
Semi-inground side panel  


The Rio Grande swim spa model is also available as a semi-recessed design, which makes it possible to partially sink the tub into the ground without constructing a concrete base.




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RioGrande W-Flow

Semi-inground side panel

The Wellis swim spa models are also available as a semi-recessed design, which makes them possible to partially sink the tub into the ground without constructing a concrete base.
RioGrande W-Flow

In.Clear Automatic water treatment system

The In.Clear water treatment system offers a smart, simple and economic solution that keeps your spa water safe, crystal clear and wonderfully pleasant for a whole year between water changes.
RioGrande W-Flow

Illuminated jets (up to 50 jets)

LED lighting chromotherapy hydromassage jets up to 50 pcs jets.
RioGrande W-Flow

Swim spa stairs

Dimension with rail: 147x165x93.5 cm | Dimension without rail: 147x77x88 cm
RioGrande W-Flow


The expander combined with paddles offers the experience of real rowing. At the same time, the expander alone can be used for a number of different fitness trainings.
RioGrande W-Flow

Scandinavian insulation

For extreme climates, we offer the option of our “Scandinavian” insulation. This has a much higher insulation rating with triple layer Polyfoam panels and additional under spa rim and floor pan insulation. Only recommended for extreme sub-zero temperatures and not for more temperate climates.
RioGrande W-Flow

Rowing equipment

The expander combined with paddles offers the experience of real rowing. At the same time, the expander alone can be used for a number of different fitness trainings.