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Fragrances made from 100% pure and natural essential oils for spas or Jacuzzis.

By “spa”, we are referring to whirlpool tubs that are left full and which contain filtered water that is heated to between 30 and 35 °C. Our essential oils are solubilized to create a solution in order to be diluted perfectly in the spa water, without any impact on purification or filtration. To enjoy a spa bath with essential oils, pour two to three caps directly into the water for an average sized bath (1,5 m3) lasting about 20 to 30 minutes. VELOURS DE SPA enhances the spa bath experience by adding a subtle fragrance along with all the benefits of plant-based essential oils. VELOURS DE SPA by CAMYLLE is currently regarded by spa bath manufacturers and distributers as a benchmark product.

Relaxing with fresh soothing aromas.
Once a wild plant to be found in mountains, lavender has now been domesticated. The image of lavender fields in the landscapes of Provence has become one of the symbols of this lovely French region. The species most often grown is Lavandin, or spike lavender. The outstanding curative properties of lavender are the basis of modern aromatherapy.

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