There are important milestones in the life of each developing company. At Wellis Brand we can state that these turning points occur once in every 5 years. 2000A family business5 employeesAt the beginning of the 2000s the company was called Hydro Massage Center and was launched as a family business. At that time only a range of imported wellness products were distributed.  2005A small business20 employeesThe owner, recognizing the explosive growth of the market, started distributing own brand products nationwide in 2005, with several stores, some his own and some franchised ones.  That year it became clear that the vision of Wellis was to be a leading home spa brand known all over the world among wellness culture lovers. 2010A middle-size enterprise100 employeesThroughout the years it turned out that a brand can only be successful in the European and world market if it owns its own design and manufacturing units, so the company took the plunge and built a production hall in the middle of the economic recess, where we­ finally started manufacturing indoor hydro-massage hot tubs and outdoor spas – in Hungary. 2015A large enterprise300 employeesWellis has arrived to another turning point recently. Our products have been present in almost all European countries, owing to excellent product quality and export activities. More then 5000 outdoor hot tubs are ordered annually, and this number nearly doubles every year. In order to be able to provide and keep the quality at the same time, it was essential to build a new 10 000 m2 cutting-edge technology production unit, as well as to increase the number of employees to a great extent. With this huge hall, enormous possibilities of capacity have been opened for the company, enabling the owners and employees to make their dreams reality – that is, to make Wellis one of the biggest and most recognized hot tub producers. As a result, up to 25-30 000 families will be able to enjoy the new, high quality Hungarian hot tub wellness experience in their own homes every year. 2020The future? Responding to present-day wellness market demand we have developed our own design of a counter-current swim spa combined with a hot tub, a Finnish and Infrared sauna, and a steam cabin, all produced in Hungary. If the tendency of the past 5 years continues, we hope to be building another 10 000 m2 production hall in 2020, planned to be designed to manufacture 10 000s of pieces of these products.


Piscine Global - Lyon, France 18-21 november 2014
UK Pool & Spa Expo 20-22 february 2014
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