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Malawi E-Max™



Our Malawi tub is best characterized by sophistication and straight design. It is a perfect choice for those who like traditional tubs, but it can also be a stylish accessory in a modern bathroom. The top quality acrylic bath tub may be important for bathers longing for peaceful moments and relaxation. Those equipped with a hot tub pump have an airflow capacity of 200 litres per minute — providing a magical and carefree relaxation experience.

170 × 75 × 60 cm - 190 l

  • acrylic bath tub body 
  • base structure with frame 
  • tub front panel 
  • automatic drain and overflow grid + drain trap 
  • V-concept™ back massage with 6 micro jets 
  • side massage system with 4 midi jets 
  • feet massages system with 2 midi jets 
  • 10 bubbler jets

E-Max™ Touch

  • control with LCD display 
  • digitally controlled hydromassage and airbath system 
  • color therapy lighting 
  • drying system 
  • ozone water sterilization 
  • safety lock
  • water temperature control system 
  • FM radio 
  • exclusive color therapy lighting: 12-20 pcs LED lights on the side of the tub
  • INCLUDED: tub rim fixing set




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