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Elbrus 2018

The new CityLine Elbrus 2018 spa combines modern look with conventional values. Features new corner element design with durable, injection moulded consoles to give extra support. It has seven seating places, each with different massage systems.


Shell material PU reinforced acrylic (6,3 mm)
Sitting places 7 persons
Water volume

1080 l

Net weight ~380 kg
Heating unit 1 (3kW/230V/50Hz)
Drain ¾”
Headrests 4
Cabinet HorizontSide™ UV-proof cabinet with new StarSide™ corner
Frame WPS
  3 × 16A 230V/400V 50Hz optimum
1 × 25A 230V/50Hz minimum
Hydro massage pumps 2 × 3 HP single speed 230V/50Hz
Energy-efficient W-EC circulation pump 1 (0,19 kW)
Control system Wellis Smart Touch
Total number of jets 40
Waterfall 1
Fountain jets 2 pcs lighting
Air inlet regulators 7
UV-C water sanitizer 1
Filter 1 antibacterial filter
Exclusive chromotherapy lighting 16 × 1 (LED)
Wellis smartphone application yes
Mymusic™ 2.1 sound system 2 speakers +1 Subwoofer
Aromatic therapy

Liquid aroma

Thermo cover 1



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