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Amazonas Power swim spa

Whether it is pleasant relaxation with the family or swimming as a workout or for relaxation, Amazonas Power swim spa can offer both. While the sporty family members are swimming, the others can relax in the massage seats. Thanks to the developments in the Power model, you may adjust the height of the water spout with the 3 river jets installed in the swim area, which provide users with perfect control of the water flow.

Why should you choose a swim spa instead of a swimming pool?

Let's start with the obvious:
The size of the designated area. Swimming pools take up a large space so if you have a smaller yard a swim spa might be a better choice.
Another important aspect that a swim spa can easily stand against seasonal changes. You are able to use it all year long, especially if installed indoors. You can only enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool during the warmer months. The average maintenance costs of a swimming pool for these months are almost the double of the costs of a swim spa for a year.
The safety cover can also make a huge difference in the costs. The swim spa comes standard with a hardcover, it protects your family and pets from unwanted accidents and you will not have additional costs.



Number of seats 3 sitting places
Materials Fiberglass reinforced acrylic spa shell (5 mm)
  Stainless steel frame
  HorizontSide cabinet UV-proof wood textured
Water volume 7 342 l
Net weight ~ 970 kg
Power requirement 3 x 20A 230V50Hz (400V)
1 x 48A 230V50Hz
Hydro massage pump 1 x 3 HP 2 Speed
Swimspa pump 3 x 2 HP + 1 HP Circ.
Heating unit 3kW/230V/50Hz heater
Control system Wellis Smart Touch
Total number of jets 36 pcs + 3 river jets
Water sanitization UV-C water sanitizer
  3 antibacterial filters
Chromotherapy lighting 1 x 55 RGB LED 
Exclusive chromotherapy lighting 10 × 1 RGB LED
WELLIS SmartPhone application Optional
AQUASOUL™ 4.1 POP-UP sound system Optional
Auxiliary topside control panels 1 button
Thermo cover yes