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Swim spa water treatment

Functionality & benefits

Wellis Crystal is an environmentally friendly water care system, that can be used in your swimspa. Wellis Crystal will help you to keep the water in your swimspa clean in a safe, simple and effective way. With only one weekly treatment Wellis Crystal will help you to prevent calcium deposits in your system. Moreover, Wellis Crystal will loosen and remove the existing calcium deposits. These calcium deposits are the medium where bacteria and other micro-organisms grow. The ozone- or UV-system already in your spa, will do the rest. It will destroy the bacteria and disinfect the water. With extraordinary results: the water in your spa is not only clean, but also looks crystal clear and feels nice and soft.


  • 26 sachets Wellis Crystal (100 gram)
  • 1 dispenser for chlorine tablet
  • Chlorine tablets 90/20 (30 parts)
  • 1 microfibre cleaning cloth
  • User guide