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Sun Family P&P spa

If you have limited space, but you insist on the advantages that a 5-person hot tub can offer, choose the Sun Family model. This model is characterized by straight lines and offers a surprisingly intense massage experience – yet still requires only a very small space. The Sun Family hot tub is one of our best offers in this category in terms of value for money.


Measurements (L × W × H) 1900 × 1900 × 750 mm
Reclining / Sitting places 2 reclining / 3 sitting
Net weight (kg) / Water volume (l) 270 kg/ 700 l
Side cover HorizontSide™ UV-proof wood textured
Reinforcement Polyurethane
Insulation Polyfoam (1 cm)
Drains 1 pc at the bottom
Power requirement 1 × 32A 230V50Hz
  1 × 16A 230V50Hz
Control box Gecko (IN.YJ-2)
Control panel Easy4
Total number of jets 36 pcs
Laminar fountain jets -
Waterfall -
Heater 2 kW
Pumps 1 pc 3 HP double speed
Circulation pump -
Cartridge filter 1 pc Superfine paper filter
Water sanitization -
LED lights 8 pcs LED
Headrests 3 pcs
Mymusic™ 2.0 sound system -
Thermo cover yes
Plug&Play Fix