Automated manufacturing incorporating ABB Robots has increased our efficiency and allows us to pre-plan and automate every tiny detail of the production process. This guarantees absolute consistency and quality control of each finished Spa as well as reducing our production costs – a saving that we pass on to our customers.

This pioneering system has transformed the way spas are made and has established WELLIS as an outstanding regional and international manufacturing company.
We have developed what has traditionally been an industry dominated by manual production using hand held tools to another level - producing products built with manufacturing tolerances of less than one tenth of a millimetre. Automation has led to other innovations in design as well.

Some benefits of Polyurethane reinforced spa body:

  • Highly effective sound insulation, probably the quietest massage baths and Spas available – Take a bath or a spa whenever it pleases you and it won’t annoy the neighbours!

  • Highly effective heat insulation – which means a longer time relaxing in the bath without having to top it up with hot water, and reduced electricity costs for your garden spa.

  • Ecologically sound product, easily degradable, (unlike fibreglass it does not give off any hazardous styrol gas). Thus it is not classes as hazardous and meets all relevant EU standards. 



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